How long will it take for my product(s) to arrive?

Most items are made to order (2-3 weeks) and custom orders are made within (3-4 weeks). All Instagram orders is based on the availability of the product (it will be processed as custom orders if the purchase it not available on the website inventory) USPS delivery takes 1-3 days within Hawaii, and 10–15 business days to mainland states on average.
We are unlike normal internet stores (i.e. amazon), that may get your products to you the next day. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase, mahalo!

What is your return/exchange policy?

All sales are final. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or have any issues with your product. Your handmade jewelry is made with extreme attention to detail. Please refer to our page regarding tips on the care of your handmade jewelry.

*MAUI CHARMED is NOT responsible for stolen or lost packages, packages sent to the wrong address, or for refunding or replacing packages in these cases. The customer is responsible for filing all claims. MAUI CHARMED is not responsible for any package(s) once it is in the hands of USPS, FedEx, and/or UPS. Do you ship internationally? Currently, Maui Charmed, is only taking orders within the United States.
Please email [email protected] if you would like to place an order outside of the U.S.


What is Gold Filled and how is it different from Gold Plating?

Gold-filled does not have gold in the middle, nor is it a mixture of gold and base metals. Actually, gold-filled is a brass sheet or brass core with a pressure-bonded outside layer of gold to produce the look of gold at a more reasonable price. Gold Plating is a method of depositing a layer of gold onto the surface of sterling silver through an electrochemical process. Nickel is used as a layer between sterling silver and gold to strengthen the bond.

Gold Filled will not tarnish, however, it will get dirty. The oils from your skin transfer to the metal and need to be wiped off periodically.

Care should be taken when cleaning gold-filled jewelry to protect the layer of gold from being worn away or nicked. Do not use abrasive compounds to clean the jewelry. (See jewelry care page for more tips)

Maui Charmed uses Gold Filled and Sterling Silver for all products. And, ensures that the amount of material & time used to produce each piece to the highest quality is valued, without the intent of marketing up the value more than necessary.

Please, do your due diligence in researching about the materials you are buying from handmade jewelry artists. Many artists do not inform their customers about the types of material they are producing.


Where can I purchase?

Weekly products can also be found at Ben Franklin Crafts - Kahului located in the Queen Ka‘ahumanu Shopping Center, Maui, Hawaii

We also sell directly at the following events:

Ben Franklin Craft Fair (Spring and Fall) - Kahului, Maui

Ho‘omau - Kahului, Maui

Seabury Hall: Craft Fair - Makawao, Maui

*We announce special events on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you would like Maui Charmed to be a vendor of your event please contact us directly at [email protected]